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Mini Running Goal

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I had high hopes of lots of exercise this past Labor Day weekend.  Instead, I felt tired and run down and took a major 3 day break.  At first it made me panic a bit not to exercise 3 days in a row, but eventually I calmed it down and realized I needed it.  Instead of working out Saturday morning, I spent over an hour watching Wen on QVC.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve watched Wen on QVC and I’ve wanted to try it for a long time.  I ordered a starter kit off Amazon and it should be here in a few days.  I think my hair will do really well with this cleansing conditioner.  I have dry, thick hair and kind of a dry scalp.  I am just curious to how it will be after heavy exercise.  I’ll make sure to review it on the blog 🙂

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After taking a break this weekend, I signed up for a 5 mile race I really wanted to do.  I did this race in 2010 and 2011 and it is awesome.  I’ve been putting off registering because I’m kinda nervous.  I haven’t raced since the Nike Half in April and I haven’t been running much.  To put my obsessive mind at ease, I decided to make up a mini training plan to get me to this race.  I know it is only 5 miles, but I ran it pretty fast both times and I’d like to PR!

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The race is in 4 weeks and I did my 3 mile run today.  I know I need to do some speed work/ hill work if I want to improve my time from 2011. (43:55 – a 8:47 pace and that is fast for me!)  I NEVER do hill work or speed work (unless it is on the treadmill) so I need to push myself!  There is still lots of BODYPUMP teaching going on each week, so I have to make sure I fit in my runs too!