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Sunny Seed Runner!

Workout: 3 mile run (2.5 outside in 24 min, .5 walk on TM) , BodyPump 77 Ab Track! (4 min.)

I let my Garmin die after my bike ride! It was at 0% this morning!! WHYYYY????

I HAVE to know my pace and stats so it was horrible going without it this morning. I know many people enjoy going without their Garmin every once in awhile, but not me. I probably ran way too hard in the beginning and was dying by the end. When I got to my house I knew I couldn’t add on anymore and stopped after 2.5 miles and ran inside to see the time. I had been out for 24 minutes, so I probably ran the first mile fairly fast for me because my overall pace was about 9:36 and I know I was much slower near the end. I hopped on the treadmill when I got in to cool down. I slept in this morning and didn’t start running until 10:00 when it was already 85 degrees. Not smart. I have a running date with my friend Amy tomorrow morning at 8, so I know it will be better because it will be shady and not as hot!

Playing around with my Instagram iPhone app!

Hey Apple people, did you see the new iOS 5 operating system (for iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch) is coming out this Fall? Looks like a very good update!

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All my posing while running paid off 🙂

P.S. my first running skirt comes in the mail today!