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Colby Won A Triathlon!

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Colby did the Hempfield Tri For Life spring triathlon this morning.  He has been training for a half Ironman (June 12) and was ready to go for his first triathlon of the season.  Little did he know that he would take 1st place overall today! This triathlon was a 300M SWIM (pool), 16 mile BIKE and 5K RUN.


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It was a little cold early this morning, but the sunny weather with no wind made things feel better by the end of the race.  Colby and his friend Matt (Amy’s husband) got there early to get their transition spots.  Amy picked me up around 7 and the race started at 8.

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Since it was a pool swim, participants started every 10 seconds.  Colby was 5th to start in the pool, but he was 1st to cross the finish line at the end!

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Colby and Matt both had a great day!  We celebrated by going out to dinner🙂

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