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Releases I’ve done:

67 – my training release: downloaded late November 2014

68 – downloaded February 2015

69 – downloaded May 2015 (did this one at the Philly quarterly)

70 – downloaded in August 2015 (did this one in Chicago Live One and did my AIM 1 on it)

71 – downloaded late November 2015 (did this one at Mini Q and did AIM 2 on it)

72 – downloaded in February 2016 (getting ready to launch it soon!)

Evernote Camera Roll 20160407 113951-1

Frog Pose – When I was first introduced to frog pose in release 68 (February 2015) – I felt like I could could barely move!  I felt like I would never get close to the floor.  Frog pose came back in release 71 and I felt major progress in this hip opener.  Since practicing release 71 so much this year, I am so much closer to the floor.

Evernote Camera Roll 20160407 112846

Backbend Pose (wheel) with leg/arm lift  – When I got my training release 67 around Thanksgiving 2014, I was happy to barely get into a backbend.  I couldn’t believe anyone could lift their arm like Jackie does to fix her microphone!

Evernote Camera Roll 20160407 112733-1

In release 68, the backbend with an option to lift a leg made an appearance.  I practiced and practiced and Instagram-ed when I could finally lift my leg like the masterclass video.  Today, I can hold backbend pose longer, lift  an arm or leg and come onto my toes.

Evernote Camera Roll 20160407 115054

Evernote Camera Roll 20160407 115054-1

When I downloaded and watched release 70 in August, I saw the option of coming from the “Wild Thing” pose into backbend.  At first, I couldn’t imagine flipping into a backbend.  With the help of Colby spotting me, I tried it at home first.  Then I could do it on my own at home and finally taught it once or twice in front of my class.  That was difficult!  Explaining the lower option was tough upside down!  I had to coach the class to come into hip bridge and then move into backbend if they wanted that day.

Evernote Camera Roll 20160407 113951

Swan Pose with quad stretch and option to clasp hands behind head – I feel pretty solid doing this on both sides now.  I was first introduced to this in release 68, and could barely get one side. Now I can really rotate my shoulders and chest to the side.  Sometimes I have trouble with my left leg in front because my right quad gets tight (side with a tender hamstring most days).  I’ve been trying to stretch my quads more and I can get into this pose easier.


I had Amy take a picture of me in swan after class last Thursday.  She was making me laugh 🙂

Overall balance– Now I can move my eye gaze and with practice get very comfortable with my overall balance.  I can look around the room to my members in most poses.  Back on my training release 67, I couldn’t move my eyes from staring straight ahead.

Evernote Camera Roll 20160407 112733

A very difficult balance track in release 72!

I love that BODYFLOW has allowed me to see such progress in just over a year.  It is very exciting to see such improvement in myself as a student and as a teacher!